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This is a home page for OggCaster plugin that is used for streaming Ogg Vorbis to icecast2 servers. (icecast1 and shoutcast not supported) Now I have to warn you that the plugin is still beta and tested only by me, I'm very thankful if you wish to test it and report possible problems.

28.6.2003 Update: Added another bugfix release 0.1.2 that fixes one crash and tags work now better.
1.7.2003 Update: Fixed one crash and the program should now work in gcc3 based systems. Release 0.1.3 is now out.

Reconnecting still doesn't work so you have to connect by yourself. Otherwise this seems to be quite stable now and I'll probably start implementing some OSS microphone support next.

There are still some problems that I'm aware of, the biggest one of them is probably the autotools scripts that suck. So you have to take care of the dependencies mostly by yourself. OggCaster uses at least following libraries:

If you are using RPM or deb packages you of course need also the development packages.

Some problems that come to my mind right now, don't bother reporting these:

And also a list of some advantages of this plugin (read: why I started coding it):

And of course one of the reasons was to learn some more linux programming.

If you have read this and still wish to test the plugin, please do so.

The actual plugin: xmms-oggcaster-0.1.3.tar.gz
You can download the beta version of libshout 2.0 from here

Juho Vähä-Herttua
juhovh(that funny thingie)iki.fi

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